Post-Workout 5 Supplements In One!

The Eden-Peak Complete Performance Stack

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If you are looking to up your game: hitting that PR in the gym, building that physique you're proud to show off at the beach, and gain that confidence you deserve, this stack is exactly what you need!

The Eden Peak Performance Stack was designed to give you explosive workouts and build strong, lean muscle FAST!

PRE-WORKOUT: This STACKED pre-workout is unlike any other on the market. We designed this to blow every other pre-workout out of the water! Ultra-concentrated, specialized ingredients will give you long lasting energy, skin splitting pumps, increased power output, insane vascularity (blood flow), mental focus and clarity (nootropic), hydration, and a full serving of BCAA’s.

POST WORKOUT: Designed to be the most complete post workout protein ever formulated. Post workout nutrition is vital for building muscle and avoiding muscle loss. Scientifically designed to counter the effects of CORTISOL (stress hormone), and to maximize the release of all your body’s anabolic (muscle building) hormones through all available methods. To maximize the chemical reactions in the body after intense exercise, these specialized ingredients will give your body: glycogen uptake, insulin spike, and increased protein synthesis to help you build muscle FAST! PACKED with Whey Isolate Protein, specialized Creatine HCL, simple carbohydrates, Glutamine, and a full serving of BCAA’s.

PROTEIN MAX: The cleanest, leanest protein available today. Specially designed to release three different types of proteins at varying speeds in the body to keep your body in protein synthesis for hours longer than other proteins. Whey Isolate protein (fast digesting), Egg White protein (medium digesting), and Micellar Casein protein (slow digesting) will keep your body nourished to keep you building lean muscle and burning fat. Take anytime: morning, before and after workouts, between meals, and before bed.

Eden-Peak Complete Performance Stack consists of:

  • Pre-Workout (raspberry lemonade)
  • Post-Workout (Strawberry Cheesecake)
  • Protein Max (Blueberry Muffin)
  • Shaker Bottle