Our Story

We are brothers (2 of 7 siblings) that have invested many years competing in high school and collegiate sports, which required countless hours in the gym. Early on, we began studying fitness and nutrition, which became a growing and significant passion of ours. Education has always been a priority, and was taken to the next level through obtaining a BS degree in exercise science; studying how the body functions and responds to different chemical reactions, along with several fitness certifications along the way.

With over 5,000 sessions of personal training, assisting with nutrition plans, advising which supplements should be taken regarding client's body type and fitness goals, it was clear to us that the Nutrition / Supplement industry needed a change. It has always been a struggle to find the "right" products with all the "right" ingredients. We found most products on the market to have fillers and ingredients that offer little to no benefit. There were always too many different products we had to advise for clients to purchase, to mix and blend. We came to the realization that if we were going to find the products we're looking for, we'll have to create them ourselves. Yes we want these new products to benefit us personally, saving the hassle from buying multiple products, but more importantly we want this to benefit all of YOU! And that's how Eden-Peak was born!

With careful analysis, and scientific formulations, we created a handful of top-tier, high-quality products that will aid in evolving the fitness community. Every single ingredient in our products has a benefit to your performance and recovery. We are still in the process of studying and testing additional products, to roll out once they're ready for market. 

Why Eden-Peak? The most natural, original, first ever form of nutrition was found in Adam and Eve's Garden of EDEN. This is symbolic for us as we only use all-natural ingredients in our formulas. We wanted to include PEAK to our brand as that is our utmost goal with these supplements, to assist in getting YOU in PEAK condition to give you success in all areas of your life. Therefore, Eden-Peak was formed. 

We believe in order to be successful, and improve every single day, one must be INTENTIONAL in their day-to-day decisions: Physically, Mentally, Spiritually, and Emotionally. We, and our entire Eden-Peak community will live life with an Intentional approach, and we're here to help you become the BEST version of yourself through your decisions as well as our products!


Micah Tysver and Caleb Tysver