Post-Workout: 5 Supplements in one!

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Eden-Peak Post-Workout is your one-stop-shop for Post-Workout nutrition.  Why spend money on multiple powdered supplements? Our Post-Workout provides you with protein, creatine, glutamine, amino acids, and simple carbohydrates, ensuring you give your body all the nutrients necessary to maximize your efforts in the gym.

Our unique, one-of-a-kind Post-Workout gives you everything you will need to increase lean muscle gain and instantly aid in recovery.

With a mixture of Whey Isolate Protein, Creatine HCL, Glutamine, Dextrose, Digestive Enzymes, and Amino Acids, you have all the ingredients necessary for maximizing lean muscle gain while preventing muscle wasting.


WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN: Our specialized protein includes 20 grams of Whey Isolate protein for rapid absorption. We chose Whey Isolate over Whey Concentrate for many reasons.  Many protein supplements these days are made of Whey Concentrate, which leaves you with a much lower quality of protein. Whey Isolate has over 3 times less Lactose and Carbohydrate content per 100-calorie serving. Whey Isolate is a much more pure form of protein containing over 90% protein compared to Whey Concentrate which lies between 35-80% protein.

CREATINE HCL: Scientifically proven to help increase size, strength, and power of the muscles by increasing cell volumization.  Creatine HCL is highly water-soluble compared to other types of creatine, leading to a 60% greater absorption rate than creatine monohydrate.  Because of its high solubility, it is speculated that a lower dose can be used, avoiding unwanted side effects such as stomach issues. By combining one scoop of Eden-Peak Pre-Workout with one scoop of Eden-Peak Post-Workout, you get a full 3.5 grams of high-quality Creatine HCL.

GLUTAMINE: An amino acid that plays an important role in maximizing recovery after strenuous exercise and preventing muscle wasting.

BCAA’S: Branched-chain amino acids stimulate protein synthesis, which aids in lean muscle growth, decreased muscle soreness, reduced exercise fatigue, and prevents muscle wasting.

DEXTROSE: A simple carbohydrate that is made from corn, and is chemically identical to glucose, or blood sugar, which is absolutely vital for Post-Workout nutrition. Simple carbohydrates spike insulin levels in the body.  Insulin is an anabolic (muscle building) hormone that transports nutrients to the muscle cells which promotes insulin synthesis. Insulin stimulates glucose uptake into muscle through increased glucose transporter activity. This insulin spike also increases protein synthesis, resulting in faster recovery and avoiding muscle wasting.

L-CARNITINE L-TARTRATE: This rapidly absorbing, naturally occurring amino acid derivative aids in muscle soreness and recovery.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: When mixed with a protein supplement, digestive enzymes lead to greater absorption of amino acids while improving your body’s nitrogen balance (a measure of if your body is getting an ample amount of protein or not).


Whey-protein isolate 20 grams

Dextrose 15 grams

BCAA’s 3000 mg

Creatine HCL 1500 mg

Glutamine 750 mg

Betaine Anhydrous 750 mg

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate 750 mg

L-Taurine 500 mg

Digestive Enzymes 25 mg