Protein Max: Vanilla Ice Cream

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Arguably the best protein supplement on the market, Eden-Peak formulated a high-quality protein blend with 3 different types of protein to keep your body nourished all day long.  Consisting of Whey Isolate Protein (quick digesting), Egg White Protein (medium digesting), and Micellar Casein Protein (slow digesting), you have all the ingredients necessary for lean muscle gain and fat loss.

20 grams of protein per serving

0 sugar 1g carbohydrates

Only 88.5 calories per serving

Lean muscle gain

Fat loss

3 stage time-released protein blend

Digestive enzymes


WHEY ISOLATE PROTEIN: Our specialized protein includes 14.88 grams of Whey Isolate protein for rapid absorption. We chose Whey Isolate over Whey Concentrate for many reasons.  Many protein supplements these days are made of Whey Concentrate, which leaves you with a much lower quality of protein. Whey Isolate has over 3 times less Lactose and Carbohydrate content per 100 calorie serving. Whey Isolate is a much purer form of protein containing over 90% protein compared to Whey Concentrate which lies between 35-80% protein.

EGG WHITE PROTEIN: Egg White Protein is powdered egg whites, which contain almost 70% of all protein in an egg.  This high-quality protein is easy digesting and packed with nutrients such as BCAA’s. Studies on egg white protein powder have demonstrated to significantly increase strength.

CASEIN PROTEIN: A time-release protein that digests much more slowly than other proteins.  This protein slowly releases amino acids, keeping your body nourished and repairing muscle tissue for hours after consuming.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES: When mixed with a protein supplement, digestive enzymes lead to greater absorption of amino acids while improving your body’s nitrogen balance (a measure of if your body is getting an ample amount of protein or not).


Whey Protein Isolate 14.88 grams

Micellar Casein 5 grams

Powdered Egg Whites 2.6 grams

Digestive enzymes blend 50 mg

Iron 25 mg

Potassium 25 mg

Calcium 25 mg